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The Oyster Rewind: April

Plenty of great insights from my FB Live and podcast guests this past month!

Here's the highlights and a big thank you to all our amazing guests:

  • Carmen Williams from Communicate For Greatness on Gaining Clarity by focusing on what's most important
  • Samantha Payne from The Pink Elephants Support Network on staying in your own lane
  • Shay ☀️ Rowbottom - a woman who needs no introduction - on viral videos and how to do what works (and not necessarily what's "original")
  • Peter Cook from Thought Leaders on how intelligent people can be commercially smart
  • Adin Milostnik a creative entrepreneur, illustrator and musician...who accidentally got hired as a writer
  • GG Frantz on cultic relationships and workplaces and how to break free of the fear to change your life

I am blown away to have had the privilege to speak and connect with so many awe-inspiring business and industry leaders and so excited by the guests we have lined up for you in May including Marty Vids, Edward Zia, Nathan Hirsch, Justin Womack, Dr Farshid Pahlevani and plenty more! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast show or to my Facebook or Youtube Channel to stay up to date

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