How Brands Grow

Blog, Slider | 30 Mar 2018 |


There are a number of assumptions marketers make that turn out not to be true, or...somewhat more complicated, things like:

"Customer retention is cheaper than acquisition"

"Differentiating a brand is a vital marketing task."

"Buyers have a special reason to buy a brand"

The science of marketing is about using laws established from empirical evidence across industries from all over the world to improve the effectiveness of our marketing.

In Professor Byron Sharp's book "How Brands Grow" he discusses the science of marketing and the importance of being evidence based.

In fact, there are many common assumptions that marketers make that are discussed in this book that is a must-read for anyone who wants to make headway in their marketing strategy and execution.

Common, unproven assumptions that are rife even amongst senior marketing professionals can leave businesses spinning their wheels wondering where they are going wrong and why they aren't getting the results they expected from their campaigns.

In this episode Lauren discusses some of the laws shared in this book and the common assumptions trumped by marketers that are simply not backed by the evidence.

Things like "customer retention is more important than customer acquisition", and "our customers buy from us because our brand is special and different".

Tune in next week to find out about the 7 things you need to do to start growing your brand and business.

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