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Marketing Geeks' Justin Womack says "Marketing isn't Easy!"

If you enjoy listening to marketing podcasts then you've probably heard our guest for this episode of #theoyster LIVE.

It's Justin Womack - co-host of the hit podcast Marketing Geeks! And if you're trying to work out how to use language and copywriting to grow your coaching or consulting business - then this episode is especially for you!

We talk about how believing this myth could impact how you're feeling about your business and your success - and some strategies for overcoming your barriers to your marketing success by understanding the psychology and neuroscience behind human behaviour.

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Mastering marketing means more businesses can help more people around the world solve all sorts of problems - and it's important to us that you have the tools to make it work for your business.

Justin specializes in podcasting, copywriting, email marketing, and Infusionsoft by Keap.

He is also the owner of JMac Media an online marketing service and consulting agency. If you'd like to check out the Marketing Geeks podcast head to:

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