When I took over my business The Change Makers Collective as the sole owner, I had all kinds of plans for our future.
I was obsessed with getting crystal clear on my vision and where I wanted to be.
This meant I spent a lot of time imagining the rewards I would reap from my future achievements.
But as a visionary with a high-level of creativity, it wasn't hard for me to daydream my way out of almost any problem I faced.
On some of the darkest days of my business I was conjuring up all sorts of futures for myself and thinking about the impact I could have in the world.
In some ways this escape "got me through"... but in reality this avoidance strategy actually got me into more trouble.
If I had just been brave enough to take a real close look at my current situation I would have used my existing assets and strengths a lot more wisely and reached a much healthier point in my business far sooner.
Got to love 20-20 hindsight!
Being so heavily focused on what could be was really demotivating for me. Because I could imagine myself in that future and I felt like I was already experiencing it so then - why bother?
This is a trap so many of us fall into when we think about our future success - we focus on getting to the end and we forget to enjoy the process along the way.
It wasn't until I dried up almost all of my resources, maxing out both my credit card and my business line of credit that I realised something had to change and I needed to kick myself into gear.
As visionaries and change makers we can get frustrated by slow paced, incremental change and it can take us out of the present moment as we try to escape the pain of the middle of the story.
Our eagerness to leap forward can affect our judgement and decision making.
We over invest in business activities that won't work for the stage we're at in our business.
We listen to bad advice from so-called experts who actually know less than we do because we doubt ourselves, our talents and our skills.
Or we "simply" give up and start splitting our focus as we look for new opportunities we can jump on for a completely different business idea.
Having a vision is important - but to achieve that vision we need to stop and take a closer look at our current situation and work through the middle of the story.
When we do this BIG things start to happen.
But you can't get to the end of the story without working through Act 2, the middle of the story - or as Brené Brown so poignantly puts it:
"You can't skip the second act...People don't recount the middle of the story often...[It has] the most potential for shame. But it's where everything important happens.”
Perhaps the most ironic thing for me about all of this is that I am a strategist who has been building growth roadmaps for brands big and small for over 10 years.
They say those that can't do, teach - and before I started my business, I was growing others brands and businesses without growing my own.
I had little comprehension of the bravery required to put these roadmaps into practice.
Now that I'm on the journey of actually growing my own business alongside the brands I grow for my clients, I'm able to bring substantially more value to the table.
In my work as a growth strategy mentor, I help you tap into your existing strengths to prioritise your business activities for growth so you can achieve your version of success (whatever that looks like for you).
I guarantee you that when we take a closer look at how we can use your now, opportunities for your business growth will flood in.
By carving out as little as 90-minutes of time, I've helped businesses to:
✔ Attract new clients within 1 week
 Increase annual profits by 10-20% within 2-4 weeks
✔ Book more speaking gigs
✔ Forge new alliances and partnerships
✔ Get their stories into the media... and more.
If you're looking for help to grow your brand and unlock your full potential find out more about my mentoring programs below.

$9K worth of value for USD$150*

Use Your Now to Grow in 2020
After spending over 3 years running my own business and over 10 years working with clients to grow their business and brand, I designed this 90-minute session to help you gain clarity and focus on the next step for your business.
For just USD$150* I will work with you one-on-one to help you #useyournow to build your growth roadmap so you can take your most valuable next step.

*Christmas Special available for a Limited time only. Prices scheduled to increase to USD$250 on the 31st of January, 2020

In this 90-minute session you will:

✔ Get your ducks in a row for your business success in 2020
✔ Gain clarity on the next steps for your business
✔ Uncover the key business activities you need to undertake to gain momentum
✔ Access templates to create, track and optimise your business growth throughout the year

Monthly 1-on-1 Mentorship for Growth

Working through your science-led growth roadmap together
Having someone in your corner to build momentum and work through the middle of your story for growth is key.
I've had a number of informal and formal mentors and coaches in my life and have found it to be the most valuable way of continuing to grow as a person and leader.
The key here is to find a mentor who is the right fit for you and the stage of business you're in.
If you'd like to apply to join my monthly 1-on-1 mentorship program please schedule an initial call so we can get to know each other better and figure out if we're the right fit for one another.

To join my 1-on-1 mentorship program you will need to:

✔ Have an existing business or side-hustle
✔ Commit to an initial 30 day trial period
✔ Be able to carve out 90 minutes of time for our weekly sessions
✔ Be willing to complete assigned tasks and be held accountable for your actions

Coming Soon: 2020 Mastermind Group

Be part of a community of like-minded visionaries and change makers
Running a business and working through the challenges that go along with it can be isolating.
And often it is when we need the most support and validation that we have the least amount of money to invest.
In 2020 I will be leading a new Mastermind Group to bring together a community of like-minded change makers and visionaries who are looking for help to grow their business.
You'll have access to this community alongside a whole heap of educational content, tools, templates and more for the insanely low price of just $10 per month.
Click the button below to register your interest today and receive the first month of membership free!

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